Aquatic Solutions
Why Us?

Payment and Billing.   

Our minimum service charge for regular monthly service is $65. This generally covers 55 gallon freshwater systems and below. Saltwater and larger freshwater aquarium pricing is calculated by size of aquarium, type of aquarium, number of visits per month, location, and accessibility.

In most cases we can accurately price service over the phone or by email. If however the size or type of aquarium is unknown; we will be happy to meet with you on site for a free consultation.

Residential customers are required to provide a valid credit or debit card as means of payment for our services. Commercial customers have the option of company check or credit card as means of payment. All invoices are due at time of service.

Aquatic Solutions will never ask you to sign a contract. With our superior service there is simply no need. Securing our service requires a minimum of one visit per month.

A fuel surcharge of $5.00 will be added to all invoices. This surcharge is billed once per month regardless of number of visits required or number of aquariums serviced per invoice.