Aquatic Solutions
Why Us?

Why Us?

Superior Service:
Aquatic Solutions is a full service aquarium maintenance company, and retail store. Our primary interest is the continued health and prosperity of your aquarium.

You can take comfort in knowing that our 24-hour Emergency Service is available to address your concerns or questions at any time. We know you can not always wait for the fish store to open. When the unexpected occurs, we’ll be there.

Continuity of Care:
The same expert technician will service your tank each visit so we get to know you and your aquarium. You can rely on our professional and courteous service.

Many maintenance companies want to impress you with the location of the aquariums that they service, either in a very expensive home or restaurant. Aquatic Solutions will impress you with what is inside our aquariums. We quarantine all of our specimens for at least two weeks prior to bring them to our customers. This reduces the risk of disease and helps insure a healthy long lived addition.

Our staff is comprised of industry professionals, not part-time inexperienced hourly employees. Your service professional will be able to diagnose and correct virtually any problem associated with your aquarium. Questions are encouraged! We enjoy sharing our knowledge with our customers.

Prompt Service:
When is the last time a technician arrived at your home or business when they said they would? Unfortunately most service companies have lost sight of keeping an appointment. Aquatic Solutions strives to make every single scheduled appointment on or before its scheduled time. If we are going to be late, we will call to let you know. We understand and respect the value of time!

Peace of Mind:
Aquatic Solutions respects you and your property, we are insured for your protection.

We are equipped to deal with most emergences at the time of service. If we do not have what is needed, we will get it. Our customers never have to visit their local fish store for supplies or livestock.

We back up our quality service with the best guarantees in the industry.

Join our hundreds of satisfied customers and experience why Aquatic Solutions is simply the best.